Equity Mutual Fund

A mutual fund which targets to invest in stock mainly and can be managed both actively and passively is known as Equity Mutual Fund. The managing of Equity Mutual Fund is completely based on index fund.

Stock mutual funds in the market can be principally divided based on the size of the company, investment style of the holdings in the portfolio and geography, where the size is pointed out by company’s market capitalization and the investment style can be reflected by the fund’s stock holdings. This kind of denotation is also done to categorize the equity mutual fund.

The Different kind of Equity Mutual Fund

Stock fund can be divided and categorized under two particular header in India one being domestic (Indian fund) or International fund. These funds can be further derogated under Individual Country and Regional basis.

Funds in India offer a very wide variety of Equity mutual funds. Every mutual fund company will carry at least one diversified equity mutual fund that invests in the stock markets.

There are different varieties of equity mutual funds in the market. Some of the most trending and popular Equity Mutual Funds in India are below:

  • Large Cap Fund
  • Small and Mid Cap Fund
  • Multi Cap Fund
  • Tax Saving Fund
  • Equity Oriented Hybrid Fund

Why to Invest In Equity Mutual Fund

From numerous points of view, equity funds are perfect venture vehicles for investors who are not too versed in financial investing or don’t have a huge capital with which to invest. Equity Funds are practical investment for the vast majority.

The properties that make Equity Mutual Fund most reasonable for the little individual investor are the lessening of risk coming about because of the fund’s portfolio diversification and the little measure of capital required to secure offers of an Equity Mutual Fund. A large amount of investment capital would be required for an individual investor to achieve a similar degree of risk reduction through diversification of a portfolio of direct stock holdings. Pooling small investors’ capital allows an equity fund to diversify effectively without burdening each investor with large capital requirements.

The price of the equity fund is based on the fund’s net asset value (NAV) less its liabilities. A more diversified fund implies that there is the less negative impact on an individual stock’s antagonistic value movement on the overall portfolio and on the share price of the equity fund.

Equity funds are managed by experienced proficient portfolio directors, and their past execution involves open record for the public. Transparency and reporting prerequisites for Equity Funds are intensely managed by the government.

Why Equity Mutual Fund are safe bet

Mutual Funds are safe investment option for multiple numbers of reasons. Firstly there are sheer number of funds available. Secondly equity funds are the most popular type of mutual funds, and as of 2016, there were more than 4,500 equity funds available in the market. Whether it’s a particular market sector, specific stock exchange foreign or domestic markets, income or growth stocks, high or low risk, or a specific interest group there are equity funds of every type and characteristic available to match every risk profile and investment objective that investors may have.


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