Process for getting succession certificate simplified

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  1. mysocial says:

    A great article. Many thanks!

  2. santosh kr pal says:

    Very helpful n thanks for d information sought for

  3. cherry says:

    how long does it take to file for inventory proceedings in goa

  4. Ms Chitra Oak says:

    My mother died eight years ago. I am the sole beneficiary of her property and I have got her death certificate from relevant Pune Authority. I wish to apply for a succesion certificate. To which Pune civil court I need to file a petition? Should I write on a plain shet of paper? Is there a government prescribed form or application for filing a Patition? Which Pune court I need to file my Petition? Please advise me , as I wish to do it myself to do away with a lawyer to speed up the matter. Thank you.

  5. Sandeep says:

    Respected Sir,
    We Have Land In Bhyander & Naigaon But My Father Was Died On 23rd Feb 2012, I Want To Put Our Family Name In To Satbara, We Have All Documents To Show, Can You Please Guide What Is The Process & How Long Time It Takes, And Total Cost Of This Process.

    Thanking You

  6. Arshad says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for outlining the process in simple steps. I have couple of questions:

    Is it required for all the legal heirs to be present to sign in the court to get the succession certificate ? If one of the legal heir is physically unable to come, is there any way to appoint a power of attorney ? If it is absolutely required to be there in person, can we schedule this well in advance to arrange the travel ?

    Thanks so much in advance.


  7. Nikhil M says:

    Succession Certificate:
    If a person is from Mumbai but properties are in Mumbai and other cities , should the person apply for succession certificate only in Mumbai or all cities where properties are located.
    kindly advise

  8. kadia piyush madhusudan says:

    i want a succession certificate in ahmedabad gujarat for my porperty what is the process and fees ?

  9. Yogesh Joshi, Pune. says:

    To be honest, I’ve had enough pain regarding this. Being in courts several times (tareekh pe tareekh), I wonder anyone would ever get justice there. There is no dispute at all, yet the matter goes on and on for years. I am frustrated by all the process of succession certificate – so much so that I wish to give up rather than struggle anymore. What a shameful judicial system we have!!

    1. A Deshmukh says:

      I have to apply for succession certificate in Pune. Husband died 6 months back. I have 2 minor childrens staying with mr and father of my husband staying in village. Mother has expired long back.
      Will I get certificate in 6-7 .Months.

  10. sunil vishwakarma says:

    ?????? ?? ?? ???? e stamp ??? ???? ?? ???????????? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????? ????? ????? ?? ???????? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? print ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???

    1. P.K. Bajaj says:

      e-stamp is now valid and same can be affixed.

  11. BBL Nautiyal says:

    Dear sir a small help is required in connection with newly married of a soldier who expired on the day when he reported back from his leave , it come to know thatduring his leave he got married the day he reported to his battalion he suicide by hanging himself .on next day of his arrival .After declaration of death by medical authority his dead body and belongings were searched to find out any suicide note or any evidence except few copies of joint photograph was found among the belongings in which he and a girl having SIDOOR on for head depicts the couple newly married but no official and family member disclosed that he got married , the moment the mortal remain reached at the home of deseased Jawan his wife was kept under key and lock in a room the military person who was sent along with the mortal remain was also threaten by the family member when he ask had the Jawan got married during his leave and where his wife is but family member did not disclosed but military person got information from villager that the Jawan was got married about one month back and his wife is baing kept detained in a room , any how military person managed to meet her altimately and got address of her parents and confirmed that the detainee girl is the wife of deceased jawan and family members wre trying to hide the fact , now problem is that the wife of deceased Jawan does not have the video graphs of marriage except few photographs , no other documents to proof her self that she got Marry and unable to make proof herself that she is a legal wife and we r not able to release help out correctly to the actual natural Next Of Kin of deceased Jawan and his parents , some family member of Jawan has filled the appeal before the court that the deceased jawan was never got married he was just engaged that’s all all villagers are supporting the family member not his wife and the lady has been warned to leave there house or face dire couseqance which is become a complicated issue the parents of the lady I’d very poor and dominant by boy’s family and quitly bearing all the shit of tolerance . Haw the lady can be help it out to provide succession certificate by the civill authority since no one is coming forward to help it out the suffering lady ????? Pl sugesstet correct way so that we can guide her and able to delever natural justice to the parents and the wife of deceased Jawan of our country , very sad to deal with this case . Pl teat it as Humanitarian add

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